Marnay Mastiffs and Whippets

You have found your way to the crazy zoo we call home! We share our lives with a wonderful breed of dog, the Mastiff. Our first Mastiff became a member of our family in 1991. In 2000, we added a Whippet to our zany bunch! At this time, the Mastiffs still outnumber the Whippets…but since the Whippets are much faster, they could catch up soon! We are not a kennel, our dogs are members of our family and live in the house and in our hearts. We show our dogs in conformation on a small scale. We enjoy the social aspect of it, but are not at the shows every weekend. We have puppies available occasionally. If we have a breeding planned, it is carefully thought out with four important characteristics in mind: Health, Temperament, Type, and Soundness. All four go hand-in-hand. These four components are very very important. A Mastiff needs to be healthy, temperamentally sound, look like a Mastiff, and be able to run and jump with power and strength. Without these four components combined, you would not have a Mastiff, but just a dog. We feel strongly that any dogs we are planning to breed be screened for health problems. No dog is 100% perfect in every category, but striving for that 100% is what good breeding is all about. Take a peek at some of our dogs, I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Member of the Mastiff Club of America
& the Chesapeake Mastiff Club

Mark & Naydene Mitchell
Suffolk, Virginia